In 2003 our Junior Orchestra began, with a group of enthusiastic boys and girls who, for the most part, without musical knowledge and under the leadership of maestro Juan Carlos Gesualdi, began a path full of accomplishments.

The band made up of wind instruments: saxophones, trumpets and trombones, also has guitar, keyboards, bass and drums.

Its members enter the Band in the 6th Year and the following year they perform together with the most advanced not only in school acts, contributing their brilliance and solemnity in the interpretation of the National Anthem and the marches for the entry and withdrawal of the flags of ceremonies, but also perform a varied repertoire depending on the occasion.

The musicians attend their band class during school hours, without neglecting the rest of their obligations as students. It is an excellent opportunity to awaken a taste for music, encourage individual skills and early discipline, in an activity that requires regular attendance and commitment.

The quality of the group and the successful leadership of the teacher Gesualdi, has allowed them to appear on several occasions outside the school environment with very good brilliance. They have been invited to the opening and intermission of the 3rd Meeting of Bilingual Schools; they have attended the Sheraton Hotel in different social events; at the Teatro Colón they have participated together with four youth bands; in the 1st and 2nd Meeting of the Marejada Group they performed together with other bands from our city in the Villa Victoria and in the Plaza del Agua; at the St Luke's Band Festival at St Luke's College in Olivos and at the Paris Theater in the city of Necochea. They are currently rehearsing for two new presentations outside the school environment.

With its 19 advanced interpreters and more than 20 initiated students, the Band guarantees that the progress and growth of the group is continuous.

The repertoire is wide and is made up of: patriotic marches, zambas, tangos, jazz, music from movies, melodics and other genres.