math olympics

The students of Colegio Santísima Trinidad participate from fifth, sixth and seventh year in the Ñandú Mathematics Olympiad and in the eighth and ninth year and Polimodal in the Argentine Mathematical Olympiad. These competitions are carried out during the course of the year, passing different instances: school, intercollegiate, zonal, regional and finally, the national contest.

It is very important to encourage students in this type of contest, since it gives them the opportunity to experience both academic and personal experiences, which significantly enriches them.

debate team

The Debate Team has achieved much success in intercollegiate, national, and even international competitions. In July 2007 one of the College's students, Pedro León Juliá, competed in the international debate tournament in South Korea for the Argentine national team.

For many students, debate helps to improve the way they express ideas and develop a new skill: public speaking. In the same way, debating allows them to understand the issues that concern society today and provides them with the tools to analyze the problems that harm the country and the world. Socially, debating allows them to create new friendships in other cities and even in other countries of the world, with people from different cultures with whom they are still in contact today.


Model United Nations

Our School has participated this year in two Model United Nations:

– The MONUR organized by the Colegio Juvenilia, in the month of August. With the participation of educational establishments in our city, the area and also schools in Buenos Aires.

The topic discussed was: "Refugees from War Conflicts"

– The 3rd United Nations Model organized by the Arturo Illia National College. In this case, the topic to be discussed was: «Militarization of societies, violence and arms trafficking. Policies for disarmament”.

In the United Nations Models, students carry out a simulation in which, as true representatives of countries, they emulate a meeting of the highest International Organization.
For two or three months, the participants prepare, form delegations of two students each, receive training in Public Speaking, International Politics, Knowledge about the UN Protocol and specific classes on the topic to be discussed at the Conference.

Each delegation is assigned a country that is different in each Model. They had to learn a lot about their countries and identify with them to the point of defending their positions in the Assembly. They also had to study about the realities of other countries in order to question and debate with other students.
At the end of each Model, mentions are given to the delegates and ambassadors who stood out for their performance, their ability to express themselves orally and the consistency of the position of the delegation with the country they represent.
It is wonderful to see them act like adults, negotiating, discussing and drafting the Draft Resolutions that pose very interesting solutions to the real problems that challenge our world today.

Participation in Models
– Say Tella MUN. Di Tella University. Years 2011 and 2012
– MIN. Youth Institute 2012
– MONUR. Juvenile Institute. 2013
– MNU. ILLIA College. Years 2011, 2012 and 2013

Universities Fair

Twenty years ago, the school arose the project of organizing a University Fair, an event whose main objective is to guide young people in choosing their tertiary and university studies and to value the different educational offers offered by the Study Houses. The initiative was very successful and gave us the encouragement to repeat it. Thus, in 2003, we were very proud to hold the IV University Fair, which was declared of Educational Interest by the Municipality of General Pueyrredón.

In addition to the National University of Mar del Plata, the most important private university institutes of our city, the National University of the Center and the most prestigious national and private universities of Buenos Aires participated in the Fair.

A large number of young students from Mar del Plata, Azul, Necochea, Otamendi, Vidal and the area of influence were present to take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn about what the most renowned universities offer and to participate in Vocational Guidance talks given by of the Department of Orientation and Employment Information of the UNMDP and the Answers Group Consultant.